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All units and buildings have a certain number of hit points. When a unit or building is attacked, it loses hit points based on the attacker's training and experience level, and based on the amount of armour it has. Units can also lose hit points through starvation.

Units die (and buildings are destroyed) if they completely run out of hit points. Damaged units can regain hit points by being healed in a hospital, buildings can regain hit points by being repaired.

The amount of damage done by an attacker is based on its basic damage, plus its experience level, minus the amount of armour the defender has. Although the principles are the same, different types of combateer attack in different ways:

  • Warriors walk up to their enemies and hit them repeatedly. Their attack speed skill controls the number of blows they can land each second.
  • defence towers throw rocks at nearby ground-based enemies. They take a long time to reload and need to be restocked with stone every so often.
  • explorers emit a pulse of energy whenever an enemy gets within one square of it. At first, this pulse only affects other explorers adjacent to it, but training in a level 3 school allows explorers to attack ground targets. Explorers can emit a pulse once for every three moves they make.

Managing combateers

You can get information about individual units and buildings by clicking on them. The graphs? and statistics? menus also give an overview of how your population is doing.


Some units (and some buildings) are armoured against enemy attack. Each point of armour deflects one point of damage done by an attacker, although warriors and defence towers will always deal one point of damage no matter how much armour you have.

Warriors start off with 10 points of armour, minus 10 points for each piece of fruit they ate in the last inn they went to. A warrior that took two pieces of fruit with his last meal will have -10 armour, meaning that he takes 10 extra points of damage for every blow he is dealt. Armour lost due to fruit doesn't accumulate, so if the warrior eats no fruit the next time he takes lunch, he will go back to having 10 points of armour.

Basic Damage

Defence towers do a certain basic amount of damage based on the level they've been upgraded to. Level one towers do 30 points of basic damage, level two towers do 40 points, level three towers do 60 points.

Explorers' air damage is worth 8 basic points, as is their ground damage once they've learnt it.

A warrior's basic damage depends on its attack strength. Learning attack strength to level 1 gives it 8 basic points of damage. Learning it to level 2 gives 16 points, level 3 is gives 24 points, level 4 gives 32.


The more experience a unit has of combat, the stronger he gets. Units start off with no experience, and gain one experience point ("XP") for every point of damage they do to an enemy (after armour is taken into account). Eventually, they will get enough XP to go up to the next level of experience, which means that every blow they land in combat does another point of damage. As they go up a level, their new level is shown in yellow next to them for a moment.

For convenience, here is a list of experience levels - in practice, it's very rare to get above experience level 10.

Warrior experience levels :
Experience level XP needed Cumulative XP
0 0 0
1 20 20
2 80 100
3 180 280
4 320 600
5 500 1100
6 720 1820
7 980 2800
8 1280 4080
9 1620 5700
10 2000 7700
Explorer experience levels :
Experience level XP needed Cumulative XP
0 0 0
1 50 50
2 200 250
3 450 700
4 800 1500
5 1250 2750
6 1800 4550
7 2450 7000
8 3200 10200
9 4050 14250
10 5000 19250