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Fosdem 2008 presentation

Small game (13 minutes) : nct v.s. AI numbi

Small game (18 minutes) : Giszmo vs 7 * AI-Numbi

In this video you see how to effectively use fruits to convert your opponents.

  • not a single warrior is built
  • no barracks

You can watch it either in google-video quality split up into 2 files: Part1 Part2

or the really big file (150MB) via Globulation2_Against7_FruitsHowTo.ogg

Really small game (5 minutes) : Migi vs. AiWarrush

This video shows how to effectively counter the Warrush AI and beat him pretty fast.

Assassination campaign (5 minutes)

This is a video showing you how to beat Assassination, a campaign created by Migi. It's about 5 minutes long. Actually playing the campaign usually takes about 5 times longer though.

How to create one yourself

How do I create a glob2 video?