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Globulation 2 is an innovative Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game which reduces micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units. Take a look at the screenshots or just download and try it right now. Globulation 2 is Free Software, licensed and distributed under the GNU General Public License (version 3).

Globulation 2 brings a new type of gameplay to RTS games. The player chooses the number of units to assign to various tasks, and the units do their best to satisfy the requests. This allows players to manage more units and focus on strategy rather than on micro-management. Globulation 2 also features AI, allowing single-player games or any possible combination of human-computer teams. The game also includes a scripting language for versatile gameplay or tutorials and an integrated map editor. You can play Globulation 2 in single player mode, through your local network, or over the Internet with Ysagoon Online Gaming (or YOG for short). -- Globulation 2 team

You Can Help!

Globulation 2 isn't just a bunch of code - it needs artwork, playable maps, campaigns and tutorials, sound effects and documentation to make a fun game. If you want to see your name in Globulation 2's credits, jump right in!

The more Players, the more fun in Globulation 2 online games.
There's a wide variety of topics that need contribution. You name it - we need it.
If you want to program right away, you can do so by forking this code for example at BitBucket and ask for a merge once you think it is worth merging ;)
Map and Campaign Designer
To give the game a good selection of maps, and a new, longer, in depth campaign
2D and 3D Artist
To add campaign specific units, to do an opening cinematic.
Sound Artist
To do in game sound effects for events like attacking, moving, ...
The more testers; the better gameplay and the less bugs.
We always welcome people who can write documentation on playing the game, to go along with the tutorial
We are also always in need of people who can translate the in game texts to new languages or maintain existing translations.

Should you be interested, the first steps would be to have a look on the forums, join the development Mailing list, drop into the developers' IRC channel (#glob2-dev and #glob2 on and look around this site.

You also can help by simply telling your friends about Globulation 2 or inform us of any game reporting site that does not list Globulation 2.


As planned, the YOG server has just been moved to as well. Users and maps databases have been preserved.
The wiki and forums have been moved to a new server ( and upgraded. YOG will follow in a near future.
We had to delete a lot of wiki accounts because of spammers. If your account has been deleted, contact ProgVal on #glob2 to restore it.
Forum, wiki and YOG server has been moved to ProgVal's server ( and the YOG user database has been cleared.
More news in the news archive