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Quick info

channel #glob2
link irc://


Many Glob2 users and developers socialize in the official Globulation2 'Game' Channel (#glob2). Here you can chat with other Glob2 fans and developers and find out what's happening with your favorite game. This is also a great place to connect with others to start up an online game using Ysagoon Online Gaming.

Globulation2 developers also run a Globulation2 Development Channel (#glob2-dev), where the development cycle and additions are commonly discussed. Although due to low traffic they mainly stick to #glob2.

Connecting to IRC

The Globulation2 Channels are currently hosted on the OFTC IRC Network which is accessible via or; both go to the same network. This is normally done in most IRC clients by issuing the command '/server' followed by '/join #glob2'.

More information on how IRC works can be found at Wikipedia, along with an extensive list of IRC clients.