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Instead of one AI (artificial intelligence) that can play at different levels, Globulation has several fundamentally different AIs that have all their own strengths and weaknesses.

Choosable Computer Opponents


AINumbi is the simplest AI. It is considered to be inflexible and not very resource friendly.


AICastor has been the strongest AI for a long time. It is quite flexible, and quite resource friendly. It plays a conservative game, but often launches a strong attack that is deadly to anyone unprepared.


An aggressive, rapid-growth oriented AI created by GeniXPro using the Echo AI system. It plays an expansive game, prefferring to grow rather than conserve.

Reach To Infinity

An economic test AI that GeniXPro created using the Echo AI system. Its mainly for demonstration; new players can observe it just to see how they should behave. As said, it's economic; it never resorts to war in order to destroy its enemies. Instead, it converts them, often very efficiently.

AINone (AINull)

This AI does nothing. It leaves all jobs as originally designed in the map or by the map's script. It only makes sense on scripted maps.


A buggy but still very promising AI. It was designed to provide a higher challenge than Castor by attacking extremely quickly and with strength.

Other AIs

These AIs are to come in future versions of Globulation2 or are only used internally for special purposes.


An AI that JDM worked on until about 10/2004. It doesn't do much yet but will stay in Mercurial as a resource for others who program AIs.