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trainspotting in this community since Jan 09, i'm getting involved.

Right now i got my first wiki edit experience, translating to italian anything important.

My primary target task: to win a game vs sir pejsek

Secondary: get lot's answers from Giszmo

Ter.... whatever: discover if 5 of the 7 nicks in irc right now are bots

..: learn something

  • Translated many wiki pages to italian
  • Added wiki category:It
  • Added wiki Category:en to have an official sitemap page (need it for a page tree)
  • Added wiki Template:UserManualLinks and Template:It:UserManualLinks
  • Translated current beta5 to italian
  • Added "sort by Players" in YOG download maps menu
  • Added wiki Category:No_need_translation
  • Keeping up to date WinterDryad's_artwork until glob2 skins can be choosed in in-game menu