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In order for the developers to actually do something about a bug in Globulation 2, you need to provide quite a bit of information about the bug.  In general, you should provide more information than less, as it's a lot easier for us to ignore irrelevant information than to chase after it later.  If you need help making a complete bug report, you can always get someone in [[IRC]] to talk you through it.  Although the information you need to provide will depend on the bug, here are some of the most important things you need to post:
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*The operating system you're using - Windows XP, Debian GNU/Linux, MacOS Tiger, etc.
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*If you are on a unix/linux operating system, the output of the `glob2 -version` command.
*Exactly what happens: whether the game crashes, displays something wrongly on-screen, etc.
*If possible, a step-by-step account of how to reproduce this bug, starting from the point you load the game.
*If you compiled glob2 yourself:
:*The source you compiled from - [[Mercurial]] (on a particular date), Gentoo package (including package number), etc.
:*Any compilation flags you used
*If Globulation 2 crashed:
:*Any messages the program printed on the command-line before crashing.
:*The contents of the "logs" subfolder in your personal "glob2" folder.  For Mac and Linux users, this will be "~/.glob2/", and for windows users usually C:\Program Files\Globulation_2
:*The contents of the "" file in the "games" folder inside your personal "glob2" folder, if the crash was during a game.
*If your bug involves a crash during a multiplayer game, you need to provide this information from everyone that was playing the game.
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When you have all the infomation above, please report your bug through [ Savannah's bug reporting system], and we will get to it as soon as possible.

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