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Globulation 2 是一个削弱微操作的即时战略游戏,自动分配单位任务。请看截图或者 下载尝试。Globulation 2缩写是Glob2,为自由软件,授权发行基于GNU General Public License——GPL公共授权协议

Globulation 2是一种新形式的RTS游戏。玩家选择特定数量的单位分配各种任务,单位尽力完成这些要求。这样玩家更容易集中精神于战略层面。Globulation 2 重视AI,可以单机游戏,并且可以组队。游戏支持脚本语言进行教学关卡和地图编辑。Glob2的单人模式,局域网模式,Internet Ysagoon Online Gaming——是专门的网络游戏大厅 (缩写 YOG)。 -- Globulation 2 队伍



Globulation 2 不是一堆代码 - 它需要美工,地图,战役,教程,音效,文档变得更有意思。如果您想进入Globulation 2的credits列表,快跳进来!

程序员: There's a wide variety of topics that need contribution. You name it - we need it.
If you want to program right away, you can do so by forking this code for example at BitBucket and ask for a merge once you think it is worth merging ;)
地图和战役设计: To give the game a good selection of maps, and a new, longer, in depth campaign
2D和3D美工:To add campaign specific units, to do an opening cinematic.
To do in game sound effects for events like attacking, moving, ...
测试人员: The more testers; the better gameplay and the less bugs.
文档编辑人员: We always welcome people who can write documentation on playing the game, to go along with the tutorial

如果有兴趣了,来论坛forum,加 开发邮件列表development Mailing list,窜进开发者 IRC 频道 (#glob2-dev and #glob2 on 或在这里到处看看。

还有一种帮助方式,您可以介绍朋友Globulation 2或者通知没有包含Globulation 2的游戏网站。