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Beta5 TODO

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Things left to do prior to releasing beta5:

  • Beta5 is in feature freeze so any new features will earliest go into beta6
  • Beta5 is still open for translations and slight modifications in the map files
  • The new feature "replays" produces wrong replays for network games that go unnoticed by the player. Also, replays of a different version don't replay correctly and there is not even a warning about this. The big problem is that the replays that play out differently are different in their checksums but not in their game-dumps, which makes it impossible to see what is different between the two games. A prominent warning when starting a replay about those bugs might be an option in my opinion as we need to show progress.
  • We played an online game some time ago and it desynced, with some difference in building priorities. A nice feature to have when debugging desyncs like this would be human-readable replays? However, the replay engine was not built with this in mind and would need a major rewrite.
  • Scripting (UML) is still broken. It should either be fixed or be replaced by SGSL before release. This may have been fixed though, I'm not sure.