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File Hierarchy

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directories are in bold:


  • campaigns (campaigns)
  • data
    • fonts (fonts)
    • gfx (graphics file: sprites, non map-edit gui elements, ...)
    • gui (map-edit gui elements)
    • zik (music)
    • icons (game icons)
    • units.txt (units descriptions)
    • buildings.txt (buildings descriptions)
    • ressources.txt (ressources descriptions)
    • texts.list.txt (list of language file)
    • texts.keys.txt (list of translated strings)
    • texts.L.txt (translation in language L, must be referenced by texts.list.txt)
  • debian (debian related packaging stuff)
  • doc (some old documentation in text files)
  • gnupg (hashing code from gnupg)
  • libgag (libgag graphic and backend library)
  • libusl (scripting test related stuff)
  • libwee (scripting test related stuff)
  • maps (maps for custom and multiplayer games)
  • scripts (any scripts that add functionality to maps)
  • src (glob2's source code)
  • tools (some utilities programs source code)
  • windows (windows related packaging stuff)
  • AUTHORS (list of developers and all contributors)
  • Doxyfile (configuratoin file for autodoc generation)
  • README and INSTALL (to read)
  • README.hg (read the first and execute the second if you want to compile glob2 from CVS)
  • SConstruct (scons contruct file, SConscript found in most other directories)
  • TODO (old developer's own progress check, use Wiki now)
  • install and uninstall (scripts for installing and uninstalling Globulation from someones Linux computer)
  • mkdist (script for producing a tar.gz for new version releases)
  • mkdata and mkmaps (upload new content of data and maps directory, ask nct for details)
  • syncdata and syncmaps (get updated content of data and maps directory)