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Mingw cross compilation

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This page explains how to build and test glob2 for Windows on a Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux operating system. To see how to compile it natively on Windows, please see Mingw compilation.

Compile globulation2 for Windows on Debian using mingw

  1. Install a mingw compiler:
    sudo apt-get install mingw32-binutils mingw32 mingw32-runtime
  2. Install NSIS (required only if you want to build NSIS installer):
    sudo apt-get install nsis
  3. Create the following directory:
    mkdir build
    cd build
  4. Download glob2_required_libs_mingw-scons.tar.bz2:
  5. Untar the libraries:
    tar -xjf glob2_required_libs_mingw-scons.tar.bz2
  6. Download glob2 sources from mercurial (check Compiling#Sources_from_Mercurial for details):
    hg clone
    cd glob2-new
  7. Compile:
    scons -j5 mingwcross=yes
  8. To create NSIS installer package run after previous step:
    scons -j5 mingwcross=yes dist

Test globulation2 for Windows on Debian

  1. Install wine:
    sudo apt-get install wine
  2. Copy files necessary to run:
    cp src/glob2.exe .
    cp ../local/bin/* ../local/lib/* .
  3. Run glob2:
    wine glob2.exe