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Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Review

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I don't like freemium as a model from a player perspective as I'd much rather just shell out an up front cost for the ability not to be harassed by microtransactions, but I understand the appeal. Free means more people play your game initially, and there's an undeniably large segment of the population that pays for things like level skipping or Jalapenos, even if I don't understand the urge myself. For free-to-play MMOs at least, the average players spend on game items is now $40. While it took me probably 500 hours of League of Legends to finally shell out some cash for a few new character skins, there are people who will spent ten minutes with a game and dive into the store the first chance they get.

The Grave Buster is used through the first night rounds, when gravestones appear on the lawn. Through the final wave event, extra zombies rise from the gravestones, and they also use up space that may be useful for planting. When planted on a grave, the Grave Buster will destroy the grave, usually abandoning a silver or occasionally gold coin. However, it requires five seconds to really sign up for the grave, which means you must defend it from zombies when used. Hypno-shroom edit