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Race Customization

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The idea is to let the player change some characteristics of its race when joining a game. Some characteristics are negative and gives points, others are bonus are reduce points. To be able to take bonus, player has to take negative characteristics.

Official suggestions

Those suggestions are official. The core developers think they are implementable reasonably.

Negative characteristics

junk food

Units loose HP when eating.

weak warriors

Warriors loose HP corresponding to target armor.

anorexic workers

Workers have half of normal HP.

blind specie

Can't produce explorers

Positive characteristics

piercing eyes

Units see at a distance of 4 (instead of 1).

aquatic specie

Units can swim at level 0.

library rat

Workers begin at science level 1.


All units have an armor bonus.

blood lust

Warriors have double attack speed.

cloaked scouts

Enemy can't see explorers.

User suggestions

Users can add their suggestions here. They will be reviewed and, if doable, will be added to official ones.

Persuasive: Inns are twice as likely to convert enemy units

Immune to conversion:

Regeneration: Units regenerate hitpoints without a hospital (hospitals are still useful because the regeneration is slow).

Athletic: Units can preform more actions in between meals

Vampires: Enemy units killed respawn at twenty percent health and switch sides.

Damage Shield: A percentage of damage is reflected back to the attacker

Earthbound: Explorers cannot fly

Jumpers : the units can jump over 1 blocking square (wheat, tree, fruit, stone, wall, water, forbidden squares, other globs,...)