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Source Understanding Guide

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outdated content: most of the following referenced documents are outdated

You can start understanding the code by:

  • To have an idea of the main loop : doc/main engine loop.txt
  • To have an overview of the glob2's class structure, you can begin by reading the doc/sourceCodeUnderstanding.txt file in glob2's Mercurial
  • To have an idea of unit allocation doc/unitAllocationUnderstanding.txt
  • To have a list of all capitals quick comments , read doc/sourceCodeTagging.txt
  • To have an overview of the `BuildingType system, read doc/BuildingType.txt
  • For a listing of all the BuildingType INT's read BuildingSourceInts
  • To have an insight on how the actual YOG system works, and to understand the complexity of FW/NAT passing, read doc/YOGUnderstanding.txt
  • To have a quick summary of the unit, read doc/unit.txt
  • To understand how building with connecting capabilities (like walls) are ordered, read doc/wall.txt
  • The scripting language thread on the mailing list threw up a few interesting points about SGSL. Noteably, these two posts by nct.
  • This thread on the mailing list has some discussion of map-related functions.