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To organise progress in the field of SFX, feedback would be great on the need of the different kinds of sound. Please place your name (use {{Pro}}/{{Contra}}~~~) behind what you vote for/against and feel free to further extend this list.

What SFX should glob2 use?

  • Event driven ambient sounds +Giszmo +Gppixelworks +Zenfur
    • harvest +Nct: but very light +Zenfur
    • construct +Giszmo +Gppixelworks +Zenfur
      • start construction
      • finish construction +Nct: one depending on building, maybe same as click feedback if we want some +Zenfur
        • sound of shooting tower +Zenfur
      • different sounds for upgrades L2 and L3 +Gppixelworks
      • sound of collapsing building +Zenfur
    • movement -Nct: For now I'm afraid that it would make too much noise and overload other sounds, but I'm ready to change my mind if we find a a way to manage this overloading
      • swim +Giszmo +Zenfur
        • enter water
        • exit water
      • walk +Giszmo
        • difference for workers and warriors
      • flyJake
        • start
        • land
    • unit upgraded +Nct +Zenfur
    • sounds for the first units of a kind +Gppixelworks +Nct
      • "who needs upgrades" (L2 worker)
      • "lets build some ultimate buildings" (L3 worker)
      • "speeeedy" (L2 walk speed)
      • "whistle" (L3 walk speed)
      • "lets roll" (L3 fight)
    • fight +Giszmo +Gppixelworks
  • Random ambient sounds -Giszmo: This might better be dealt with as background "music" -Nct: same as Giszmo
    • thunder
    • birds
  • Global message sounds +Giszmo +Gppixelworks +Zenfur
    • chat message appeared +Zenfur
    • other team +Gppixelworks +Zenfur | just some possitive/negative sounds for ally/war
      • allied
      • declared war
      • gave vision
      • attacked
      • converted our units +Gppixelworks
        • warior
        • worker
        • explorer
    • too few +Gppixelworks
      • hospitals
      • inns