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Tileset handbook

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This page wants to be a general handbook for people who want to create or find a tileset for Globulation2.

Tileset download

Here some spare new aspect fore parts of tileset. You need only to download the .tar.gz archivie and untar tiles in the data/gfx folder. Be sure of having a backup of the original ones!

Trees-middle europe.png Click here to download an alternative aspect for trees by Shew.

Wheat-cartoon.png Click here to download an alternative aspect for trees by Shew.

Tiles list

Tiles and other graphics are placed in \data\gfx and in \data\gui directory. They are...

  • "Building_nameLevelStatus.png" for the buildings.

Building_name: should be barracks, defencetower, hospital, inn, market, pool, racetrack, school, swarm; the stone wall works in a different way);

Level: indicates the level of the building shown in the tile (Level = game level-1, so a level 1 school has a Level value of 0);

Status: indicates status of building (Status = B0 means built, B1 means built and damaged, B2 means built and seriously damaged, C0 means under construction);

NOTE: After Status you could find a r that means that this is a overlay tile that colours the tile with same name lacking of final r with the team color;

  • "blackX.png" (X from 0 to 15);
  • "brushX.png" (X from 0 to 9);
  • "buildingsiteX.png" (X from 0 to 5);
  • "bulletX.png" (X from 0 to 1);
  • "clearingflag0r.png"
  • "cloud0.png";
  • "deathXr.png" (X from 0 to 9);
  • "explorationflag0r.png"
  • "explosionX.png" 0-5
  • "gameguiX.png" (X from 0 to 27);
  • "image.png"
  • "IntroMN.png"
  • "magiceffect0.png" and "magiceffect0r.png"
  • "miniBuilding_nameLevelStatus.png" with same notes you can see over;
  • "out.png";
  • "ressourceX.png" (X from 0 to 64); (50-54: Cherry)
  • "ressourceminiX.png" (X from 0 to 7); (0:Wood, 1: wheat, 5:cherry)
  • "rotatingEarthX.png" (X from 0 to 19);
  • "rotatingEarthi.png";
  • "shadeX.png" (X from 0 to 20);
  • "terrainX.png" (X from 0 to 271);
  • "unitX.png" (X from 0 to 447) that are the "bodies" of the globs;
  • "unitXr.png" (X from 64 to 447) that are the "shadows" of the globs;
  • "unitminiXr.png" (X from 0 to 3);
  • "wallX.png" (X from 0 to 15) show defensive wall;
  • "wallXr.png" (X from 0 to 15) overlay team color over walls ;
  • "wallc0.png" and "wallc0r.png";
  • "warflag0r.png";
  • "water0.png" and "water1.png"

Tiles HowTo

How to create tiles; blending near tile;

Software instruments

Good software for this purpose are Inkscape and the GIMP; but if you are not very good with vector painting, GIMP is simpler for having hi-quality tiles.

Tileset examples