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Todo:Interactive Campaign Features

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Things to make campaign making and interactivity better (ignore syntax, focus on the concept):

  • Implement a light weight, yet powerful and effective scripting language to replace SGSL (like squirrel lang)
  • Add code to better interact with users current game screen state:
    • when mainmenu::opened do
    • when flagtab::opened do
    • when worker::selected do
    • when enemy::worker:selected do
  • Add code to better interact with users current gameplay state:
    • workerCount(playerid)
    • warriorCount(playerid)
    • explorerCount(playerid)
    • allyCondition(playerid) -> dead, attacked, healthy
  • Along with the already implemented ability to set alliances:
    • enableFruit() / disableFruit()
    • revealMap() or disableFOW()
  • Ability to transfer units/buildings from one campaign to another. Suggested ways:
    • saveMapData() -> loadMap('') -> loadMapData() <- checking that the maps were the same
    • saveMap('') -> loadMap('', 'scripts/script2.script') <- loading a saved map with a new script (overwriting default one in the map)
    • saveMap('') -> loadMap('', 'script2') <- loading a saved map using a script embedded into the map header
  • Ingame timer commands from the moment a command is executed, for things like "you have 5 minutes to build up forces", and the ability to check it (would at the same time enable the ability to limit total game time)
    • timer1 = startTimer()
    • print timer1
    • endTimer(timer1)

More to come