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Rules and schedule for tournaments are to be developed here and in the forum.


Tournament has started at 18:00 CET, 25.05.2009. List of players:

  • Zenfur
  • Giszmo
  • Kobuta (piglet)
  • Kokolihapihvi
  • Pejsek
  • hughht55 / disqualification - no games
  • Appleboy
  • ho / disqualification - no games
  • aaron / disqualification - no games
  • john / disqualification - no games
  • migi


PLAYERS AppleBoy Giszmo Kokolihapihvi migi Pejsek piglet Zenfur wins losses
Zenfur + + + + - X 4 1
piglet + + - X + 3 1
Pejsek + + + + X + - 5 1
migi - - X - - 0 4
Kokolihapihvi - X + - - - 1 4
Giszmo + X + + - - 3 2
Appleboy X - - - 0 3

+ - win - - lost Instructions: ((verse)) vs ((column)) result


  • No cheating. At least those things mentioned in AIEvil are not allowed to this tournament.
  • No markets. Due to a bug in beta4 markets can cause the game to crash irreversibly.
  • No information hacks. We all know that removing the fog of war in glob2 is as easy as commenting out one line of code but we don't do that. Please be honest.
  • A crashed game must be continued from its autosave.
  • Rematch possible if winner agrees.

Available maps

The maps that may be played at tournament:

  • four squares (can be found in older globulation versions)
  • One on one (can be found in default globulation maps)
  • balanced for 2 (can be found on the lobby, in download map section (map by piglet))
  • Blitz (can be found in zenfur's mappackage and on the lobby in download section)
  • balanced (can be found on the lobby in download map section (map by piglet))


In the tournament the system in which we play is: Everyone versus everyone, after win, winner reports to Zenfur to who did he win. Tournament finishes when everyone have played to everyone already. Rematch is permitted, if the winner agrees, after rematch, rematch's score will count.


According to delays in the progress the tournament has been ended and the winner is man with currently the biggest ammount of wins, Pejsek!! Congratulations, you've won the first tournament!