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Hi Bandoras! Thanx or helping in the wiki. if zyou have questions on some articles please write them to the discussion-page of the page in question. I reverted an entry of yours under [units]. Ask there and i will get back to you as soon as i have mor time. --Giszmo 01:10, 14 October 2006 (PDT)

You are welcome. The text I changed looks absurd for somebody new to the game. I think it needs at last "sic!" in there (if it's indeed true).
It is still true in .21. if you have a better idea to balance out fruits go ahead and discuss it in the forum or on the mailing list. wiki artikles should show facts and not questions or discussions.
apart from the above i agree with you that fruits should make units rather healthier than weaker, but as they are globs and not humans imagine fruits to be candy and it somehow fits ;) --Giszmo 11:18, 15 October 2006 (PDT)
After some playing I now see this as not so absurd. Especially if the armor cannot get negative. Nevertheless, I've related to you the reaction of a new player reading this. I still think a note that this sounds absurd but is actually sensible and that armor cannot get below zero would be a good thing in the relevant article.
Can you read code? The reason I don't touch this in the wiki is that I'm not quite sure about the exact behaviour. I mean from having played with fruits i don't believe that 3 fruits result in additional 30 damage per hit. but to exactly know it i would have to read the code. --Giszmo 00:13, 20 October 2006 (PDT)

[Resetting indents] Oh, my God, this is C++! =:O Sorry, it would taint me. Such a novel and fun game... Oh, my... But I wish you good luck, anyway. Hmmm, I'll just take a quick peek... Unit.cpp says:

//! Return the real armor, taking into account the reduction due to fruits
int Unit::getRealArmor(void) const
       int armorReductionPerHappyness = race->getUnitType(typeNum,
       return performance[ARMOR] - fruitCount * armorReductionPerHappyness;

and data/units.txt says:

      armor = 10
      armorReductionPerHappyness = 10;

so it can mean 1 fruit negates armor and 3 fruits result in armor value being -20. However, this is probably object-oriented code, so a quick peek is worth nothing --- answers to such questions (and to "what does performance[] mean?") are scattered throughout the whole inheritance tree for the related objects. Sorry...

Hehe, I couldn't resist ;) --- the same code is duplicated in, like 3 places, and here is the best one:

->gfx->getW()-124, ypos, globalContainer->littleFont,
FormatableString("%0 : %1 
= %2 - %3 * %4").arg(Toolkit::getStringTable()->

OK, I have to bail out --- I feel I almost understand that last one --- a bad sign. :>

When you want to rewrite that game in a decent, or even a modern language, let me know, so I can suggest and perhaps even help. However, the current art, concept, style and, as far as I can tell, gameplay, is really outstanding.

--Bandobras 12:47, 11 November 2006 (PST)