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Some know each other some don't. Some drop in and see nobody online so they leave immediately as they think glob2 was a forgotten project. So this page is intended to be a place where players can leave a message about their status in glob2. Maybe this gets linked from within the game so we get some stats online but that's not even discussed in deep.

Feel free to edit this page and add your nick.


  • When I can, if anyone else is on (unlikely unfortunately)
  • GMT+10 (that's why I said unlikely)
  • Australian, speaks English, a very small amt of Japanese
  • email: ajdlinux at gmail dot com


  • I only play occasionally right now, but a lot more when I have free time.
  • GMT-4/5
  • Languages: English
  • I am a computer security consultant.
  • Try out the experimental maps on my website.


  • I only play a little bit, sometimes on Ysagoon.
  • GMT- +12/13 (NZ)
  • Languages: English
  • I have been following this project for a few years now, looks really fun.


  • I only play occasionally. (updated 09/17/06)
  • GMT-7
  • Currently a computer information student though I may go into computer science later.
  • I work on the glob2 code when I have time to do so. (usually between terms)
  • I've taught myself to program by reading source codes ever since my first C64 system.
  • a picture of me:


  • Camping channel since early 2009 to get good games
  • Waiting for a game
  • Waiting for a ga
  • Waiti ..
  • W..
  • Italy, translating glob's wiki to my language
  • Tomorrow i will go for a walk to low mountain
  • User:Fede


  • play as often as time allows (info updated 27.5.09).
  • GMT+1
  • A picture of me: Warrior.png
  • Full time programmer at an 8 men company
  • Languages: german, english and french
  • I did code for the project (random maps and dynamic clouds) and got stuck at unit allocation algorythm


(last updated: July 11, 2009)

  • I started playing Globulation 2 at July, 2008.
  • I still play a few days out of every week. Not as often as I used to.
  • U.S. Eastern Standard Time
  • It's unfortunate, but I don't see many players online lately. But I'll do my best to spread the word of this game, because it's really fun, and I'm tired of playing against the computer. (I always win.)
  • A picture of me: Exp.png The explorer matches my personality :-)
  • Graduated from Marion County High School June, 2009.
  • Currently self-teaching myself several programming and scripting languages, while working on my own game projects.
  • I hope I get to meet some of you on the Glob2 battlefield! =D


  • from time to time (info updated 04.07.2006)
  • GMT+2
  • A picture of me: Worker.png
  • finished the 4th year of a french university (Paris XI-Orsay) in computer science
more info on wikipedia
  • Languages: romanian, french, english


  • Play whenever possible; however, that's not often. Am hoping to contribute to BGM.
  • GMT-5
  • No picture of me right now
  • High School Student, Uber-Nerd
  • Languages: English, TiBASIC (I know, sad right? Though I *do* understand most languages by looking, C and whatnot)


  • This is a really good game, i'm from colombia (maybe the only one by the moment).
  • I want to help with this project. (translations and maybe with some sound effects).
  • I want to play online, i play vs computer and I always win so it's time to play vs another human ;).
  • Info updated: 17/08/2007.


  • Play a few times a month. Help beta test and working on the wiki mostl of the time. Also build Windows releases.
  • GMT+12
  • A picture of me: Warrior.png
  • Web Developer
  • Languages: English, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails


  • sometimes, i wish there were more people on. (info updated 08.24.2006)
  • GMT+mt
  • A picture of me: Worker.png
  • Web design experimenatation
  • Languages: english


  • Belgium, GMT+1
  • Full time student at the university of Ghent (engineering sciences)
  • Languages: English, Dutch some French and German
  • Useful languages: C++, PHP/MySQL, Python, Java
  • At the time of writing coding replays and taking care of beta 5


  • Quite a bit. It's a good game to relieve stress and just play.
  • GMT-5
  • No picture at the moment.
  • College student, hobbyist programmer
  • I'm a fan of Quake 1/2/3, I contribute/play Alien Arena
  • Languages: German, Spanish


(info updated 07.15.2010)

  • New player who is able to loose against AINumbi
  • GMT+1 (France)
  • No picture at the moment.
  • High Scool student, Python programmer
  • Languages: French, English


  • I just started playing Glob, so I have yet to catch anyone playing. waiting around on YOG. (info updated 11.2.2007)
  • GMT-8
  • Language: English
  • College student
  • email pingveno at comcast dot net


  • As often as possible, depends on who else is on. (info updated 27.08.2006)
  • GMT-5
  • A picture of me: Exp.png
  • Unemployed, High School Grad
  • Languages: English
  • Email: (Please put 'Globulation2' in the subject of your email if you email me, so your email wont be deleted as spam. :) )


  • This game is a ton of fun, it's the first RTS I've actually enjoyed.
  • I'm from Minnesota GMT -6
  • Philosophy student at University of St. Thomas
  • I have friends in the Computer Science department here that I play with, but online would be great!
  • I am thinking of helping make maps, I love that sort of thing!
  • Languages: English, a very little Spanish, some Latin


  • occasional player (info updated 20.08.2006)
  • GMT-6
  • A picture of me: Worker.png
  • 38 year old computer hobbyist. I've been a computer enthusiast since I was a teenager. I enjoy games in this genre and would like to someday learn enough and have the time to contribute something to this project. But right now I have a very busy schedule so I can't promise much.
  • Languages: English and a little Spanish


  • from time to time. (info updated 07.08.2006)
  • GMT+1
  • A picture of me: Worker.png
  • Student in an italian university (Padova, 4th year, civil engineering)
  • Languages: italian, english


  • from time to time. (info updated 09.07.2006)
  • GMT+1
  • A picture of me: Worker.png
  • Fulltime Programmer in big Company (at least yet :( )
more info at my German blog
  • Languages: german, english


  • I play since 01.03.09, from time to time
  • I am from Poland and I use CET
  • If you want to meet me, it's most possible to find me on the irc channel #glob2.
  • Languages Polish, very little German, and enough English to write this message :)
  • A picture of me : Worker.png
  • Preparing own campaign and some maps
  • I love RTS games like globulation


  • some games since 2006-06 (info updated 18.07.2006)
  • GMT+1
  • A picture of me: Worker.png
  • system administrator in small company (for at least half a year from now on)
more info at my german website/blog
  • Languages: german, english


(List started 2006-07-03)

-Started playing 2009 -playing at 5-6pm -email -from Poland -wanna play!!!!!!


  • I love the game, perfect for me
  • I play frequently, and live in GMT-5
  • from Canada
  • want to play a network game with someone
  • Languages: English, french (somewhat)