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==Changes since 0.9.2 (not released)==
==Changes since 0.9.2 (not released)==
* Checkboard and half-checkboard brush are now tilable.
* None
* Flag/Area in game button now differs from the building button.

==Changes in 0.9.2 (released 20080223)==
==Changes in 0.9.2 (released 20080223)==

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Changes since 0.9.2 (not released)

  • Checkboard and half-checkboard brush are now tilable.
  • Flag/Area in game button now differs from the building button.

Changes in 0.9.2 (released 20080223)

Gameplay Improvments

  • Nicowar has been majorly improved, to cope better on smaller maps, and has now got a Warrush style that it can randomly select to pursue (so you cant run the same map and expect the same result each time).
  • Changed default SGSL wait behavior for buildings: wait for condition for specified level and higher level. Added keyword "only" to restrict to specified level. This should remove tutorial dead-locking because of too efficient players.
  • Several parts of the game have been optimized, to make it less CPU exhaustive.

Overall improvements

  • The ability to open saved games in the map editor has been revived.
  • Changes to Scons script so it compiles better on a range of different systems (including Mac OSX)
  • Quick Kill keys have been added for MacOSX (CMD+Q) and Windows (ALT+F4). These will quit the game completely, from wherever you are, rather than using the menus to quit.
  • The Unit Settings screen has been slightly improved so its easier to understand.

Network improvements

  • Many changes to YOG and LAN network gaming to improve stability, and performance.
  • Changes to YOG IRC so it uses multi-threading techniques (removes GUI delays when logging into YOG)
  • YOG Game information box (the top right box in YOG when you click on a game) has been reenabled after several releases of it not being there.
  • The ability to restart a network game using a saved game is also working again (just start it up with the saved game map, assign the players back to their team colors, and start).
  • Buildings now have a ghost building placed before being usable (it wont be noticeable in local games, but in online games, with a little bit of lag, it provides confirmation of placement until your request is processed).
  • YOG now displays to the player when they join a network game, how much of a map they have downloaded if they have to do so).

Graphical enhancement

  • A particle engine has been added allowing neat little smoke effects for damaged buildings and turret fire.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Fixed a bug where the windows installer would remove more than it should when uninstalling. #21011
  • Fixed the age old bug where starving globs wouldn't go to inns. #17040
  • Fixed the bug where globules spinning on the spot would leave hidden forbidden areas when they died.
  • Many other bugs on and off the bug tracker have been fixed, #22137, #21055, #21880, #21306

For changes older than these, please check out the Older Changes page.