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Changes since latest released version

Overall improvements

  • GUI frames and lists are now coherent in look and feel between game and menus.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the code from compiling on Windows using Mingw
  • Prestige can be adjusted for single player games
  • Major bug fixes (bug #19542)
  • Minor bugfixes (bug #19552 #19594 #19489 #19572 #19532)

Changes in 0.8.22 (released 20070404)

Overall improvements

  • New campaign system
  • Unified buttons height throughout the game. More coherent GUI. All buttons are pixmapped.

AI improvements

  • Improved Echo API
  • Redesigned and remade Nicowar AI using Echo

Editor improvements

  • New building/unit editor
  • New script areas
  • New no-growth areas

Networking improvements

  • Allowed creation orders to pass default worker info to prevent world desyncs. (bug# 17480)

Translation improvements

  • Basque translation has been added
  • Swedish translation has been added
  • Arabic translation has been added using bidi
  • Spanish tutorial text merged in.
  • English tutorial text improved.

Gameplay improvements

  • Magic attacks are no longer reduced by armor
  • Magic attacks no longer affect buildings
  • Towers consider explorers a higher priority target
  • Restricted growth zone added
  • Added overlay maps
  • Redesigned unit allocation system gets more work out of the same units and fixes bug #16842.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Remember unit option in settings menu now works correctly for all buildings (bug# 16558)
  • Settings menu now allows customization of all buildings (bug# 17800)
  • Improved campaign system (bug# 15347)
  • Improved end-game screen
  • New translation textshot code
  • Improved in-game statistics
  • Minor bugfixes (bug# 17428)

For changes older than these, please check out the Older Changes page.