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Changes since 0.9.1 (not released, currently in development)

Gameplay Improvments

  • Nicowar has been majorly improved, to cope better on smaller maps, and has now got a Warrush style that it can randomly select to pursue (so you cant run the same map and expect the same result each time).

Graphical enhancement

  • A particle engine has been added allowing neat little smoke effects for damaged buildings and turret fire.

Changes in 0.9.1 (released 20070901)

Important Changes

  • Map headers have been replaced and designed for better maintainability.
  • YOG has been completely redesigned, from the ground up, for improved stability and easier maintainability.
  • All new subsequent versions of Globulation 2 will be released under GPL version 3
  • Scons has completely replaced the old configure and make tools for compiling. The new script is more flexible and easier for the developers to maintain (for Linux, Mac, and Windows).

Overall improvements

  • Changes to GameGUI have been made, so it is more maintainable for developers.
  • Various other changes to the code have been made to increase maintainability.
  • A new keyboard shortcuts system has been implemented so people can configure their own controls.
  • The tutorial has been split into a 4 part campaign, allowing a better flow for new players and demonstrating the campaign power.
  • All overlays now paint with OpenGL for much smoother results.

Gameplay improvements

  • A new fertility overlay has been added, which shows where resource are the most likely to grow.
  • Debug output has been removed (so less is printed in a console window and no log files are made in ~/.glob2/ (now longer causes problems when it comes to HDD being filled up with them)). This also improves the speed of the game.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • The volume bars in the Settings screen are now tapered to indicate which way is softer and which is louder.
  • Fixed several bug with scroll wheels (mainly speed and preventing accidents on specially designed touch pads (like ones on Laptops)).
  • Default compilation build with -g, for debugging output when run with GDB. This should help fix problems with crash reports in the future (the more information, the better).
  • Mercurial has been setup and is now used as the revision control system for Globulation 2's code.
  • Translations have been reviewed, and a script made to sort the labels/string alphabetically and keep them up to date in all (even if the strings for them aren't there, the labels will be). They are also now marked as incomplete so players who can update the translation are informed and able to help.
  • Brazilian and French translations have been updated.
  • AUTHORS file is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Many bugs (major and minor) have been fixed.

For changes older than these, please check out the Older Changes page.