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Old News

Players started the first Tournament since beta status.
Beta 4 has been released. This fixes the corrupt Tutorial 3 in Beta 4. download page.
Beta 4 has been released. Check out the new release on download page.
Beta 3 has been released. Check out the new release on download page.
After a short down time we are back online on the server of Giszmo. If you experience bad performance, please let us know via IRC, Mailing List, posts to Talk:Main_Page or via the forum.
The Download and Install page has been redone, and the compiling instructions have been split into a Compiling section, which dramatically improves the pages usability.
Globulation 2 was present at The presentation is available at here. A video of the presentation can be downloaded from here.
Beta 2 has been released. Check out the new release on download page.
The wiki and forums have finally been brought up to date! Unfortunately the passwords for the forum couldn't be salvaged so you have to create a new password, and the glob2 theme hasn't been fully recreated yet.

Old Game News

  • 01.09.2007  -  Beta1 released
  • 18.04.2007  -  Alpha23 released
  • 03.04.2007  -  Alpha22 released
  • 04.08.2006  -  Alpha21 released
  • 04.08.2006  -  Alpha20 released
  • 12.03.2006  -  Alpha19 released
  • 29.01.2006  -  Alpha18 released
  • 11.12.2005  -  Alpha17 released
  • 04.12.2005  -  Alpha16 released
  • 15.05.2005  -  Alpha15 released
  • 24.04.2005  -  Alpha14 released
  • 16.04.2005  -  Alpha13 released
  • 13.02.2005  -  Alpha12 released
  • 16.01.2005  -  Alpha11 released
  • 29.12.2004  -  Alpha10 released
  • 08.10.2004  -  Alpha9 released
  • 12.09.2004  -  Alpha8 released
  • 08.08.2004  -  Alpha7 released
  • 09.06.2004  -  Alpha6 released
  • 30.03.2004  -  Alpha5 released
  • 20.03.2004  -  Alpha4 released
  • 08.02.2004  -  Alpha3 released
  • 08.02.2004  -  Alpha2 released
  • 01.02.2004  -  Alpha1 released

Old Website News

  • 22.04.2007  -  The front page was spammed. The spammer very impressivly overwrote the main page with some links that said "HacKeD BY ..." on public wiki on an open source webpage, certainly not something any person could do. The changes where reverted and the admin has banned the spammer.
  • 22.04.2007  -   Globulation 2 has moved its source code from CVS to Mercurial. If you are a contributor, please learn about and commit to Mercurial from now on. We have updated the wiki to reflect these changes. The last things to do are to change the translated pages (page in a language other than English), and the bot that updates the Team page when the AUTHORS files is changed.
  • 15.04.2007  -  Bug day 20070414 went ok, but hopefully next time we can have more participants. That shouldn't stop you from submitting regular Bug Reports though.
  • 4.03.2007  -  The website is back online! click here for more details
  • 27.11.2006  -  The server experienced 14 hours of downtime due to a hard drive failure, but everything is back up and running just fine now! AppleBoy
  • 17.08.2006  -  the forum code has been updated by Ion bidon and myself to clean out spam and deter spam-bots from being able to register. please give us feedback, and if you're account was deleted please let me know (I'm sorry about that) AppleBoy
  • 18.06.2006  -  mediawiki has been upgraded to the latest version (1.6.7). Please report any problems to Ion bidon.
  • 18.06.2006  -  Email addresses * and * have been banned due to spam.
  • 14.06.2006  -  The forums have been upgraded. Please report any problems to Ion bidon.
  • 12.02.2006  -  Glob2bot is a bot created to update the Team page from the CVS AUTHORS file
  • 30.12.2005  - and now redirect to here.
  • 19.12.2005  -  Small bugs fixed on the phpbb/mediawiki users integrations.
  • 16.12.2005  -  The custom theme has been updated.
  • 12.12.2005  -  The wiki now has a customized theme.
  • 11.12.2005  - is now considered the main homepage for Globulation 2. The old site should be quickly incorporated into this one.
  • 05.12.2005  -  The mediawiki/phpbb users integration is now finished. From now on, each person has the same account on both mediawiki and the forum. You need only to register once (mediawiki or phpbb). You can access the forums with the link "players forums" on the left.
  • 01.12.2005  -  New server online, will be
  • 11.03.2005  -  Server has been moved in new room with air-conditioning and is back online.
  • 10.10.2004  -  The wiki documentation has been cleaned up
  • 26.02.2004  -  Small web update, french translation updated.
  • 18.01.2004  -  Forum installed.
  • 18.01.2004  -  Engine rework completed. Network fixed. YOG is up. Now the game needs tuning and graphics for the 1.0 release.