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Name Dimensions Max Players Fruit Varieties Author Comments In distribution?
A big pond 128 x 128 3 3 - Easy map to build a huge army on because of all the wheat available. Fruits aren't a big part of the game because they are far away on islands. X
Archipelago 128 x 128 5 1 Zenfur A map with many small islands. Every player starts with a level 3 swimming pool(!) on his star-shaped island. Except that in every corner of star there is a tower filled with stone. There are some empty, some wheat filled and some tree filled islands. On every wood island there is some stone and an orange tree. You don't have any wheat on your mother island so considerable is building somewhere a swarm for start. Mother islands are quite close each other, so beware! X
balanced 128 x 128 4 3 Piglet A popular 1v1v1v1 or 2v2 map, which really is ballanced. It consists of 4 stone bases with mass of well watered wheat. On the middle are all kinds of fruits + some wheat what makes it really worthful to control. Always problems on this map are warriors' access to hospitals, defending explorer attacks, unit convertion and wood (in later game). X
balanced for 2 64 x 64 2 3 Piglet A popular 1v1 with many interesting tactics (walling in, rushing through wood etc.) X
Centerfolds 2 128 x 128 5 3 - X
Dejans 64 x 64 2 3 Dejan Map with limited wood. Leaves you many tactics as locking up and going for airstrikes works as well as going for ground attacks. just the fruits make no sence as there is no connection until the end game. (At the time this map was made conversion worked even when there was no path free to the converting team.) The map was previously known as "One_on_One" X
Easy Three 128 x 128 3 3 - X
FourSquares1 128 x 128 4 1 Nuage Each player has similar starting islands and same distance to all the other islands so it is always perfectly fair. It's rather hard to maintain buildings on the fruit islands. Keep vision of the fruits via explorers and warriors if you want to convert your opponents units! X
G2 128 x 128 4 3 - X
Garden 3 128 x 128 4 3 Nuage The map is meant to be nice any playable, but it's not as fair as it could be. This was the main training map for AICastor. X
Holiday Island 2 128 x 128 4 3 roma Note: The map has a lot of no-growth areas! X
Island of the Renfur 128 x 128 6 3 Zenfur Hexagon shaped map. 6 starting positions are on a continent in shape of hexagon divided by sand on triangles. Bases are spearated from each other by thin forest. Players must accommodate a little place in base with their mightiness (or conquer enemy base ;P). On the middle are fruits and the only stone (!) on the continent. Controlling middle is essential, but very hard in FFA ;-). On this map you can't feel safe. There are many ways to attack, from the middle, from the backside (there is no growth are between the wheat which gives easy access to the base), clearing wood... etc, so you can't feel safe. (especially at FFA). There is also the difficult to move into title's "Island of the Renfur" which has fruits, trees and wheat. Good for explorer producing :) X
Isles 128 x 128 4 3 - X
Mazury 128 x 128 2 3 Zenfur This medium large map has really many ways to attack. It's full of lakes and wheat which just waits to be used and eaten. There are 2 positions where you may obtain fruits. To get algaes, you must build a swimming pool. X
Migration 128 x 128 4 2 - The player's starting island has a little wheat so eventually they need to migrate to other islands. X
Muka 64 x 128 2 3 Marcus1988(?) Difficult map for two. Early in the match try to build things around the fruits on the island to your right. Otherwise they will be overgrown by wood and wheat. Conversion plays a big role here. The wheat your first swarm is next to doesn't grow back so don't try to farm it. X
Oazis 256 x 256 11 3 Zenfur A huge 11-player(!) map where each player starts from his own oasis. Players are really close to each other which would mean some early game combat. Every oasis has algaes. There are 2 non-oasis terrain forms - islands, which are the only source where you may gain fruits. The oasis are quite difficult to defend, there is very little of forest on the edges of the oasis which would be a natural defense, but there is a stone, which will allow you to quickly fill you towers and build a long wall. X
Playground 128 x 128 8 3 - This easy map has plenty of all ressources. AIs perform very well here. X
Sand River 128 x 128 4 3 Zenfur Best played as 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3. This is the map which is based on the infinitive river of the sand on which you may transport yourself to world of enemy. near river there are water islands, on which are lakes of grass, on which grow... fruits! (undergrass fruits(!)) This map is well ballanced and rather passive. Players quickly get 3lvl schools and produce bombers, because they aren't limited with small passage, which can be quite easily defended. X
SmallForTwo 64 x 64 2 1 Nuage Unbalanced as player 2 has fruit and much more wheat. This map is meant to be small enough to be played on slow computers. X
strange2 128 x 128 2 0 Leo Fun map for 2. Each starts with hundreds of globs. No water! So go for a quick win! X
Triangle 128 x 128 3 3 ? Good map for 3 if that can exist at all. Each lacks one fruit he can only find at his neighbours. A bit unbalanced as one of the 3 sides of the triangle grows close. X
Wild River 256 x 64 6 3 - Best played with 2, 3 or 6 players as it is a big advantage to have access to neighboring empty cells as each cell has only one kind of fruit. With 3 players either use red/green/blue or the other 3 teams. X
tutorial 128 x 128 2 3 GeniXPro The map used for tutorial missions. X