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Changes since 0.9.4 (not released)

Translation Improvements

Changes in

  • Replay Feature
  • Many translations updated
  • new Finnish, Farsi and Esperanto translation
  • Removed compiler warnings
  • Speed of unit upgrades depends on the count of levels to upgrade. pre-trained units train faster to a certain level.
  • slight changes to the forbidden/guard/clearing area gfx
  • USL something
  • Off-Screen-Units get displayed when they are selected
  • an Ajax Website based on Ext-JS to do the translations is in the making
  • The default map list has been updated with more recent and overall better maps.

Changes in

  • was not compatible to head of the beta4-branch that was made to compile with latest changes in gcc breaking compatibility. fixes that.

Changes in

  • The scons scripts have been updated to reflect the proper version
  • the scons script for creating the mac .dmg file has had the hardcoded version numbers changed to use the variables
  • the YOG lobby will now show IRC users too

Changes in

  • A rare bug would cause the game to crash. it has been fixed.

Changes in

  • There were 2 bugs that would cause the editor to crash. They have been fixed.

Changes in

  • Tutorial 3 was corrupted and would cause the game to crash. Tutorial 3 was fixed.

Changes in 0.9.4 (released 20090201)

Gameplay Improvements

  • Right side menu width ingame and in the map editor was increased
  • New priority system which allows the player to choose which buildings and flags will receive units first
  • When you click on a building, it now tells you why no one is able to come to work at it (unavailable, too far away etc)
  • Game chat has been separted from game messages, so players messages (tutorial or in YOG) won't get lost.
  • Many adjustments to the properties of buildings and units to better balance gameplay
  • Ability to CTRL+Click and drag to place a string of the selected building (useful for walls)
  • A new Other Options page in Custom Games and YOG pregame setup which includes
    • The ability for game creators to make a map prediscovered to all players
    • The ability for game creators to turn off prestige wins
    • The ability for game creators to lock teams

Overall Improvements

  • Removed 'AI' from the names of the AI players (shorter)
  • Added a mission description to the campaign system
  • New mission objectives system (set in the map editor, with SGSL commands to show/hide them)
  • New AI description screen for new players that don't know their difficulties
  • New mission hints system (set in the map editor)
  • Ability to highlight certain game elements in a map script (such as those used in the tutorial)
  • Brand new random map generation engine, which will be used eventually to make and play random maps on the fly from Custom Game / YOG screens
  • Ability to tab between certain form elements (such as YOG login screen)
  • Added optional implementation of voice chat using port audio (stable and working, will fall back to the old self written voice handling if port audio is not present)

Network Improvements

  • Add new -router code, so people can create a router through which game commands are 'routed' (reduce lag if two players live next door for example). Complete with remote administrative interface.
  • A new map distribution system which allows
    • Upload of new maps by their creators moments after finishing the map
    • Community rating system to sort maps by rating
    • Download of maps where you can get the maps you want quickly and easily
  • A new pregame alliances system where you can set alliances which cannot be changed ingame
  • A new "I Am Ready" button to prevent game makers from starting before all players are ready
  • A new YOG options screen for players to block insulting players
  • Tab system for changing between lobby, options, download maps and pregame screens without having to quit to go to the other.
  • YOG Administrators can now ban players in various ways, or mute them for a set amount of time
  • Ability to set YOG moderators (limited YOG administrative permissions)
  • Ability to see a players score (displayed when you click a name of an online YOG player)
  • Ability to message alliances members by prefixing your messages with /a
  • Ability to message a specific member by prefixing the message with /[playername]
  • Adjustments to latency system for smoother online gaming

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • New -test-map-gen option, to continuously make maps until the generator crashes (used for stability like -test-games[-nox])
  • Lots of other behind the scenes changes for speed, stability, usability and interactivity
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Moved AUTHORS to data/authors.txt so it will get included in distribution releases

For changes older than these, please check out the Older Changes page.