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==Resources for developers==
==Resources for developers==
See on glob2wiki main page
These are wiki resources usefull for developer:
===Compilation and Releases===
* [[Changes|Changelog for players, source for release notes]]. Please update it when you commit a new feature or an important bug fix in the [[Mercurial]].
* [[Compatibility]] - one issue should be fixed per release so it's supported on more operating systems
* [[Releasing a new version]] - what to do when it's time to release a new version
* [[Uploading to Savannah]] - what to do when you're ready to upload the version
* [[Things to do before 1.0.0]] - a list of must do things that need to be incorporated into Globulation before the 1.0.0 release
* [[Converting from the old map format]] - After Alpha 23, the format for maps was changed, so you need to convert
* [[Obtaining the Release Candidate]] - How to work with the release candidate
* [[Beta 5 rebalance]] - Slight gameplay tweaks in beta 5
* [[Building the .deb file]] - making a package for Debian
* [[Mingw cross compilation|Cross compile glob2]] - explains how to compile globulation2 for windows on Debian
* [[Mingw compilation|Compile glob2 with mingw]] - explains how to compile globulation2 on windows using mingw.
* [[MAC OS X Development|Compiling Glob2 on Mac OSX]] - maintained by AppleBoy
* [[Cross compiling deb packages on Hudson]] - how to cross compile and package using pbuilder.
===Coding info===
===Coding info===

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This page is intended to be the center of the developer community, i.e. people working with direct Mercurial access. The final code documentation should be written by doxygen into Mercurial in docsrc/ directory, but intermediate doc are welcomed here to be worked on.

Resources for developers

See on glob2wiki main page

Coding info

Algorithm Descriptions

Of course, Resources for contributors, savannah as well as IRC are also very usefull for developers.

Work in Progress

These sections are still being worked on. While you're welcome to comment on them, you shouldn't spend all day nitpicking on them, as they might be changed completely or removed before you're finished.

Request for comments

These files have been written up fully, but need to be peer-reviewed. Please read through these pages, edit and comment on them.

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