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Main User Resources: User Manual | Frequently Asked Questions | Map editor guide | YOG
Game specific arguments: Resources | Buildings | Units | Combat | Flags and special areas | Farming | Graphs | Statistics | Prestige | Fruit and conversion
Building from Sources: Git | Compiling
Migration from Bitbucket: The Git repository replaces the old Mercurial repository that was hosted on Bitbucket before Bitbucket terminated it. This page is being written with instructions to use it.

Browsing the Project Repository

At you can browse through the repository.


To really access a git repository you need git. You can get it from your distribution if you are running Linux or from the git homepage. An in depth manual of git you can find here.

Getting a Copy of the Git Repository

No matter if you want to contribute with write access or just want to get a read only copy of glob2, you should cd to a directory where you have write permissions and run hg clone:

cd ~/my_git_repositories
git clone
cd glob2