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Ysagoon Online Gaming is the meta server of Globulation2. Here you will find others to play online-games. If you log in, please be patient and don't expect people to react within seconds. We always wonder how many people drop in, ask if someone wants to play and leave just seconds after that.

Logging in

On the globulation main screen, there is a button named Ysagoon Online Gaming. Click it! If you log in for the first time please choose a nick and a password and check the checkbox "register a new YOG user".

Inside YOG

The YOG-screen shows you who else is connected to it. These are the names at the right of the screen. People with the YOG symbol in front of their nick are connected to Globulation2 like you. Those with the [IRC] symbol are only connected to [IRC] via an irc-client. They might want to play as well!! You can ask them, but best is to ask them directly by using their nick (that will alert them and get their attention) as most of them will not react to every "hello"or "bye"-noise on the channel. Wait around patiently for 10-20 minutes, if no one responds then try again later! Someone is sure to show up during the day and talk to you or play a game or two!

Open games

If someone has already created a game it will get listed in the upper left corner. Once a player has joined a game their name is shown in brackets. To join the game yourself simply select the game and click on "join game".

The game has started

When you started a YOG-game you might notice a line telling you your opponent has left YOG. That does NOT mean the game is over. Players normally disconnect from YOG as it is only needed to initiate games, not to run them.

Bugs in YOG

In the current stable release, you can distinguish about 11 bugs:

  • Log in bug: When you log in into the YOG and quit lobby, you won't be able to log in again because of you didn't log off the YOG. To log in again you have quit globulation and turn it on again.
  • YOG is down-bug: From time to time YOG says that: "Currently YOG metaserver is down", it means that it crashed and will be up after about 20 seconds, during this it stops all the games and kicks everyone from the lobby.
  • Ready bug: Sometimes it happens and it's the most often if players came into the game hosted with a map which they wouldn't have the map; When you press ready you see yourself ready but host does not, and he can't start the game. To fix that it's the best for everyone quit Globulation, come in again and host again (and of course before that download map from the lobby or elsewhere).
  • Map download section scrolling bug: when you catch slide and try to move it by pulling it, you'll crash and quit Globulation. How to evade? use mouse scroll or click on the arrows.
  • Map download bug: When you don't have a map and you downloaded it from the host it's most possible that after starting the game you'll be kicked.
  • Game start bug: if anyone had any of these bugs and didn't have the map, it's possibility to kick all after starting the game (kick players from the game and quit their Globulation clients)
  • Screen bug: Sometimes when you write on the lobby, people may see your messages but you can't see theirs, sometimes they can't see yours, and sometimes it works in both ways. To evade it, IRC users' messages are always visible and not bugged. (channel #glob2 in OFTC network)
  • Lobby bug: Sometimes when you log in, and don't get any messages that you have logged in, if you try to quit, Globulation will freeze, if you host a game and start, globulation will freeze, if you write something in the lobby (not in the game chat), game will freeze, if you join a game and host start, it will freeze, to fix kill Globulation manually and turn it on again, and keep doing until you get a message from YOG (wait 10 secs after log in)
  • Lag Bug: If you start a game, and somebody will have red bar on the top, it's not a bug when you lag, but when everyone have quite good connection, and everyone have green (eventually yellow) bars, it shouldn't lag, if it does, it means that YOG has broken something and you should restart, but before you restart, quit globulation and come in again, it usually helps (I don't know why)
  • Just bug: I don't know why, but it sometimes when you start a game waits for somebody and it waits until he quit. It's very weird bug. Everyone had good connection and green bar when it happened.