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Main User Resources: User Manual | Frequently Asked Questions | Map editor guide | YOG
Game specific arguments: Resources | Buildings | Units | Combat | Flags and special areas | Farming | Graphs | Statistics | Prestige | Fruit and conversion
Building from Sources: Git | Compiling

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Compiling on Windows: The instructions below will not work for Windows. To compile on that OS, please see the Mingw compilation guide, which explains how to compile globulation2 on windows using mingw.

Compilation requirements

Compiling on Mac OSX: There is an easier way to get all the dependancies than to compile them all. See the MAC OS X Development page for more information.

For source tarbal, Mercurial source, and package installations, you'll also need to install these packages:

Compile from Sources

Source Distribution

  • Get the source distribution archive from the download section.
  • Extract the archive using a compression/extraction utility such as tar.
  • Go in the extracted archive. If you have a Unix system (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X):
    • Run the 'scons' script to compile the game (it will check dependencies, install any you have missing)
      • If you want to install the game in a special place, instead of 'scons', type:
scons BINDIR="/path/to/install/bin" INSTALLDIR="/path/to/install/share"
    • Install with a simple 'scons install' command (will install to the location you might have entered when compiling (BINDIR and INSTALLDIR)).
    • Run the game by typing 'glob2'. If it doesn't work, type '/path/to/install/bin/glob2' instead.
    • Note: in some Linux distributions (eg: Archlinux), scons complains about not finding -lboost_thread (with boost already installed). A solution is to modify the SConstruct file to look for boost_thread-mt instead of boost_thread, and the modify the LIBS variable with boost_thread-mt, to link against this library. If you have root access you can create a symlink instead.

Sources from Mercurial

Warning: Mercurial is occasionally unstable and will break, it is meant for testing purposes.
  • Download the source code from the Mercurial by typing
hg clone
hg clone -r default glob2-new glob2-work
  • You can update the source code you have any time with a simple
cd glob2-new
hg pull
cd ../glob2-work
hg pull -r default ../glob2-new
hg update -C tip
  • Read the README.hg and README files.
  • Continue by following the source distribution instructions from the 3rd step onwards.